My name is Andrew Holloway & this is Untropy Softworks. I'm mostly a developer with some design sprinkled in, occasional writer of things, taker of photos, doodler of doodles (& some vector work here & there). McCallie, IIT, & DePaul alumnus, with a Masters in HCI.

Self-described Curious Idealist, racquetballer, bowler, & night-owl. This is my site; thanks for visiting.

I've Done a Few Things...

I have written a handful of JS libraries & small apps over the years. For example:


A single-format, full-page calendar written in JS.

Miller Browse

A NeXT-like browsing widget for perusing hierarchical data.


A simple password manager for Mac OS X 10.6+.

Start Page

My daily start dashboard, using local data storage, & a simple layout.

... & I Use Some Services.

That's about it.

Actually, there's more (we all are more than the sites & things we make). In any case, there's a bunch of other random content to see.